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Top Ten Tips for a Beautiful Vegetable Garden

1. Find the best possible location for your garden. An ideal garden location will have full sun exposure and quality soil with good drainage qualities. You will also need to make sure a water source is nearby.

2. Create a detailed plan for your garden. First, you will need to determine which types of plants to grow. Next, you have to decide where to plant the seeds or transplants. Putting a plan down in writing will save you a great deal of hassle in the long run.

3. Always work on improving your Soil. Adding organic matter, compost , and animal manure. Also make sure to utilize mulches near your plants to help enhance the soil fertility.

4. Don’t try to create a huge garden. Gardening requires trial and error. You will be best served by starting with a small garden full of quality vegetables, as opposed to a huge garden with mediocre vegetables..

5. Choose to grow plants that you enjoy eating. You should attempt to grow plants that you will be able to cook with. There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal with veggies from your own garden.

6. Choose your plants strategically. Different plants require different soil conditions, light exposure, watering cycles, etc. Make sure to choose plants that will blend well together.  

7. Have a reliable water source nearby. Water is essential to all forms of life. If you fail to water your vegetables on a reliable basis, your garden will certainly fail.

8. Look closely at your plants at least twice a week. Finding any problems with disease or pests early on will be essential to having a successful garden.  

9. Build your knowledge. Understanding the problems that your plant is facing will help you determine if your how to treat them. Many novice gardeners waste a great deal of time treating the wrong ailments due to lake of garden knowledge.

10. Keep a clean garden. Maintaining a clean garden is one of the best ways to prevent disease and pests from overrunning your garden.

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