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Converting your Lawn to a Garden

It’s becoming increasingly common to see people ditching their suburban lawns a replace them with a vegetable garden. Not only is a vegetable garden more attractive, in my opinion anyway, but it also yields some delicious veggies for home-cookin’. Some neighbors and homeowner’s associations have restrictions on growing vegetables, but there are usually ways around this if you are motivated and clever. You can try presenting your plan to the HOA to see if they will give you special permission, which they will usually do assuming your garden will not be an eyesore to the surrounding properties. Realistically, a well planned and well maintained garden will be nice to look a lot better than a brown lawn. Raised garden beds are be made in a very attractive manner and potentially increase your property’s value.

Once your garden plans have been approved, the steps below will help you turn your lawn into a garden. It is essential to follow these steps carefully to ensure your garden site is prepped properly. You should give your vegetables every opportunity to thrive in this type of suburban setting.

Steps to Turn your Lawn into a Garden

1. Measure and mark out the area you want to convert to a garden. You can use tape, string, or marking spray paint to do the job.

2. Cover the marked out area with cardboard. The cardboard should go past the marked areas. It’s essential that no area is left uncovered.

3. Spray the cardboard with  water. It should be moist enough to be wet on both sides.

4. Find a natural mulch source, such as leaves or shredded grass and put a 2 inch layer over the moist cardboard that has been laid out.

5. Place 2 to 12 inches of quality garden soil  or organic compost over the cardboard area.

6. Allow the soil to sit for a week or two. After then soil has been exposed to the elements for a week, your lawn has been converted into a perfect gardening site!

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