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Avocado Maintenance and Pruning

California Avocado Tree


How do you prune an Avocado Tree? The columnar cultivars require pinching at early age if you want a nice looking rounded tree. Others need no training. Most orchard practice avoids staking for a variety of reasons. The best results are obtained by fencing the tree with plastic mesh for the first two to three years. Container and dwarf trees will need constant staking. The skirts of avocado trees are sometimes trimmed to keep rodents out, but the trees are usually not pruned. Branches that are exposed to sun by defoliation are very susceptible to sunburn and will most likely die. Such branches should always be whitewashed if possible. It is usually best to avoid any pruning. Most type of avocado trees are are not well adapted to espalier. They are much too vigorous and the avocado fruit is self-thinning.


Do Avocados need Fertilizer? You should start feeding of young trees after 1 year of growth, using a balanced orgainc fertilizer. Do this about four times yearly. Older trees benefit from feeding with nitrogenous fertilizer applied in late winter and early summer. High nitrogen levels are essential for healthly plant growth. Yellowing leaves indicate iron deficiency. This can usually be corrected by a chelated foliar spray of trace elements containing iron. Mature trees often also show a zinc deficiency.

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