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Welcome to Complete Garden Guide

Complete Garden Guide is a website dedicated to helping novice gardeners learn how to grow vegetables. We have created growing guides for a large number of vegetables and plants. Complete Garden Guide is a non-profit project and all of the content offered on this site is completely free. We are working hard to add new articles about growing vegetables and gardening basics.

Learn How to Grow Spinach

Spinach is one of the most healthy plants in world and it is easy to grow in your garden. We have published a complete guide to growing spinach here.

Gardening Basics

If you are just starting your backyard garden, check out some of the articles below. They will help you gain a basic understanding of gardening.

Choosing a Garden Site

Garden Layout

Choosing the Right Vegetables for your Garden

Growing Vegetables in Containers

Covert your Lawn into a Garden

Top 10 Tips for Growing a Beautiful Garden

Gardens of All Shapes and Sizes

Gardening allows you to tap into the creative side of your soul. Every backyard garden is its own unique being and reflects the creative enegery of its creator. We encourage new gardeners to think outside the box when designing their garden and grow the plants that they love to eat. The picture below is of a cacti garden in Hawaii.

Cacti Garden in Hawaii